Amazon Seller Account Health Insider Info
Internal Seller Performance Notes
If your account was deactivated (or suspended) by Amazon but you can't clearly understand the REAL reason of this action, you will need to get internal data from Amazon Seller Performance Team.
AND with our tools it has become possible now.

It is so important because when you get account block notification from Amazon - very often you don't have enough information to write successful appeal. However, if you will see all internal notes about your account - you will have much more chances to send successful appeal to Amazon and reinstate your account to continue selling.

You might also need this service if you are going to buy new or aged seller account with sales history. Sometimes the price of such accounts can be too high and you cannot afford yourself to risk with such a big amount of money. It's better to check any account health before purchasing it.

Please check the samples:

You can see all info from account, all cases, seller performance notes, relations and connections between other accounts, account status, all claims etc.

This will give you much more chances to appeal successfully and to get your seller account reinstated and back to life!
What Amazon sellers and appeal lawyers tell about us?
I have been working with amazon-business for almost half a year. For all the time there was not a single issue. It works clearly and quickly. Usually, the internal notes are ready in a day or two. Completely satisfied.
Igor Kototeev
Amazon Ambulance (Service company)
I used the services of this provider several times. The decency and timeliness of the provision of services is what you can count on when ordering services from amazon-business.
Zakhar Sakun
Amazon lawyer
We ordered competitors' PPC reports from amazon-business, received 4 reports in 3 days, for a period of 2 months, including Search Terms and Business report. It helped a lot in analyzing competitors' strategies and opened up new highly marginal positions.
Roman Antonov
Amazon Seller
I can recommend and vouch for Amazon-business and their services, they do everything on time. They are constantly adding new services to their catalog. Keep it up !!
Taras Kibenko
Amazon Seller
Account Health Screening Service Order Form
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The price of service
"Account Health Insider Info" - $190.

We accept Payoneer payments or any other credit/debit cards
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