Amazon seller account reinstatement
If your Amazon seller account has been blocked, but you do not know what to do next, the best solution in this situation would be to contact a specialist. Our team has 5+ years of experience in solving such situations and will be happy to help you.
How it works?
These terms of service explain the rights and obligations of you and Amazon Business. You should read the Agreement carefully before agreeing to pay for our services. If you do not understand any part or have additional questions, please ask us for further information. You should take as much time as you need to understand the service, which we are offering.

Based on the information you have provided to Us, We will review your situation with Amazon, examine any communication between you and Amazon and rely on any extra information provided by you.

Once we have received payment of your fee – $300, we will then prepare and issue your service as soon as possible (Usually within 24 hours depending on the accuracy of the information that was initially provided by you).

We follow up your case, and if Amazon needs additional information, we will follow up with no more than 7 (seven) supplemental revised Plans of Action (Appeals).
The service also includes ONE letter to the complainant (in the case with the IP complaints) and ONE PHONE CALL to either Amazon Support or the Rights Owners. Additional phone calls are billed $100/hour/minimum 50$/call.

We will issue you with instructions on how to deal with Amazon. It is your responsibility to follow any instructions provided.

You should note that Amazon is not obliged to agree to any Appeals or other actions aimed to remove the complaints from your Amazon account. However, we will strive, based on our expertise and experience of dealing with Amazon, to persuade them to do so, communicating this through you and other channels.

We offer a non-refundable service once the work is completed.
We do not issue refunds once the service is completed.
As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing our services.

Although we have an extremely high success rate, we do not guarantee that your Amazon account/listing will be reinstated or a complaint removed. However, we promise to do our best.
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Payment should be made to our Payoneer account or credit card. We will provide details for payment after confirming your application.
What Amazon sellers and companies are saying
I have been working with amazon-business for almost six months now. For all the time there was not a single lining. Works well and quickly. Usually the screenshots are ready in a day.
Igor Koroteev
Amazon Ambulance (Service company)
I used the services of this provider several times. The decency and timeliness of the provision of services is what you can count on when ordering services from amazon-business.
Zakhar Sakun
Amazon lawyer
Igor's service is really nice and we like it a lot. He helped us with crucial information about seller account notes and annotations,which helped us to get reinstate many of our clients
The Funnel Guru
Amazon category ungate service company
We ordered a competitor's PPC report from amazon-business, received 4 reports after 3 days, for a period of 2 months, including Search Terms and Business report. It helped a lot in analyzing competitors' strategies and opened new high-margin opportunities.
Roman Antonov
Amazon seller
I can recommend and vouch for Amazon-business and their services, they do everything on time. New services are constantly added to their catalog. So keep it up !!
Taras Kibenko
Amazon seller
I worked with the guys more than once. Always the best prices and conditions. Never had a problem. Everything is always on time. I have used and will continue to use their services. Thanks!
Vladimir Alli-Ippa
Amazon Hunter
If you still have questions about this service, write to us to social networks or messengers and we will be happy to reply to all your questions.
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